The Talon Advantage

Talon Industries, Inc. is proud to be recognized as an emerging global leader in the industrial ink jet printing industry. Talon Industries specializes in the manufacturing and supply of high quality industrial ink jet inks, make-up fluids, solvents, cleaning solutions, solid wax inks, printing equipment and labeling systems designed for marking and coding products in the manufacturing and packaging industry.

We offer a complete product line of ink jet fluids and hot melt inks to support virtually all printer technologies available today, such as Videojet®, Marsh®, Diagraph®, Loveshaw®, ITI®, Domino®, Markem®, Foxjet®, LINX® and more.

Think before you Ink!™

In addition to our ink jet fluids and hot melt product line we also provide ink jet printing systems and labeling systems to meet all of your company’s needs. Whether you require an economical low resolution thermal ink jet printing system, a hi-resolution barcode and graphics printing system, a reliable and virtually maintenance free small character printing system, Laser marking system or a print & apply labeling system, Talon Industries has you covered.

At Talon Industries, we pride ourselves on customer service and continually strive to be the industry’s #1 leader in customer satisfaction. We have a knowledgeable network of sales representatives, field technicians and distributors located throughout the United States and worldwide.